Is there a right age for learning something?

Our world today is full of bright prospects and exciting possibilities. The developments in the way of living have never failed to amaze us. Be it Uber, which gets you a cab by just the click of a button on your phone, or the smart Assistants in electronic devices who act according to your voice commands. All of this has been a consequence of well educated and trained people, using their skills to create something out of nothing. The road to this destination has been a bumpy one, full of hurdles. But the only thing that has managed to keep us motivated is the desire to learn, which often makes us wonder whether there is a right age for learning something?

Well at first glance, it may seem that early 20’s of a person’s life is the best time period to explore and get hold of new skills. But the truth is that over the years, we have been obliged to believe that age decides the limit of your quest to learn more. The great Henry Ford once said that – “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

People have been defying the age gaps for centuries now to prove that age is merely a figure. Anshuman Nandi, a drummer from Tripura performed at the popular Indian T.V. show India’s got talent and won the National award when he was 3 years old. A New South Wales citizen Allen Stewart graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree, at the age of 91. The most noticeable example in our daily lives is the fluency with which, people born in the late 90’s have adapted to the recent developments in technology.

Although, time and age hardly affect the process of learning, giving yourself a head start at an early stage certainly helps. After a certain age, around the late 30’s, we tend to lose our grip on memory. This makes it difficult for us to remember and grasp new things. The brain of a teenager works twice as fast as an adult’s but the speed is compensated by experience and improvement in reflex actions as we grow up, thus maintaining the balance. So, the next time you think about trying something new, just remember that it’s never too late nor too early to start from scratch. After all, the biggest room in this world is the room for improvement.

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