How Achimo is Acing the Online Classes Territory?

Since the very first declaration of COVID-19 outbreaks, all of our lives have taken a drastic turn. Any to almost every sector has taken a major hit due to this widely spread virus, causing a lot of distress throughout the globe. All the things that we took for granted, the air, our carefree walks, travelling, working casually at our offices, buses, trains, malls and more have been snatched away from us within a span of months. But one particular section of the society has been affected the hardest, i.e. Students.

From students who were supposed to start a new journey of their life named school to all the other students were supposed to bid adieu to all these years of school and college and enter into a new phase of employment have suffered deeply. With a sword named Exams hanging on their heads, these students were left confused on how to process the current circumstances. With almost no backup and almost no normal future in sight as the COVID 19 disrupted the worldly order, the virtual world came to the rescue in the disguise of Online Classes.

Among many other institutions such as colleges, universities, workplace agencies, schools have majorly shifted their base to virtual platforms to conduct online sessions in order to continue the flow of knowledge and to get back on the track. Online education has emerged as an alternative to ordinary face to face classes. Accordingly, various stakeholders such as government and private organizations are trying their best to assist each other by sprucing up their existing online platforms, apps and providing training to teachers to use these apps and platforms to the optimum level. Efforts are being made by numerous organizations and edtech companies to support the school system to make a smooth transition to the virtual world. Up skilling and motivating teachers, organizing counseling sessions for teachers, parents and students are some of the important measures taken by the administration in the recent past.

At times like these, we’ve come up with a fresh wave to help you cope up with your lost time and knowledge, while also having the chance to gain brand new information, all at once.

Achimo is an online class software that provides the best course and test service under Experience Design. With their service, they aim to give the student’s brand a beautiful showcase that is a progressive, aesthetic and functional, test and course in nature.

This helps their students to transform their ideas into a better understanding, which gets enhances in every test. With safe and convenient as their motto, team at Achimo provides everything that one can wish for during this social distancing.

Now you need to know the road before walking on it. So we’re shedding some light on our varied courses and multitalented teachers:

  • English Speaking (Pooja Chabbra): Worked primarily as an English Language trainer after completing her B.El.ed, Ms. Pooja would be helping out the students in any to every query related to the English language, efficiently.
  • Spanish (Natalia): A PhD in Literature, and work experience as the Professor of Spanish at UNLP, Ms. Natalia is as good as anyone can get in understanding and explaining the fresh and highly demanded subject, Spanish.
  • Structural Engineering (Dheeraj Valecha): 5 flourishing years experience as a Civil Engineer and also in Structural designing and management, Mr. Dheeraj is quite subtly brilliant in teaching his specialty.
  • Math (Rahul Arora): With his mind well versed with all the JEE/NEET/NEST questions, as he he himself has gone over them a hundred times, Mr.Rahul will actually help you understand all the ways and rules of Math in no time.
  • 11-12th Grade Science (Amit): With 20 glorifying years of experience, churning out fresh JEE/NEET toppers, Mr. Amit is the best man to explain all the concepts covered in your syllabus in almost one go.
  • Why choose Achimo?

Well it might take a while to discuss all that we’ve to offer, so take out your notebooks as Achimo has the best practices and services such as-

  1. Convenience is Necessity: The Company puts in a lot of effort to make the connecting and attending process as easy and simple as possible. So forget about the hassle of sharing links every time you need to start a meeting. Just set it up and let it take care of all the payments, enrollments and schedules.
  2. Safe like home:  We all need to be guaranteed security in life, and so keeping it as our priority; a unique Achimo ID is provided to all the users in order to ensure that there are no unauthorized students or sources in meetings. Also there’s storage for your session recordings that can’t be opened by any magic spells but will only be accessible to allowed students.
  • Available in all sizes: To let your institute grow freely beyond limits, we’ve removed the biggest constrict- Quantity. From a number as low as 5 people to a number as high as 300 people  can join in at a time without affecting the flow of meeting.
  • No Compromised Quality: Once we’ve conquered the quantity, we won’t let the quality get compromised either. High Quality 2 way video in order to ensure high quality interactions, especially for teachers who can easily make out what their students are doing at the other end.
  • Say No to Investments: With added features, added benefits, the only that we haven’t added are any sort of additional cost or investment.
  • Variety as our Strength: Our courses span across from Competitive exams like JEE/NEET to 10+2 course syllabus off Science and Commerce. We love to explore new ideas and offer out of the box courses such as Ethical hacking and at the same time some foreign language courses like Spanish, Japanese, and German and more which not to forget are in high demand right now.
  • Happy Customers, happy us:  With a strong customer support system, where we don’t sleep upon our customer’s need and queries but rather are always on our toes to help them out via chats, E-mail, helplines etc.
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